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Why Doesn’t My Cruise Control Work?

Cruise control is one of the coolest features in any car. If you are going to be on a long stretch of deserted highway without another car in sight, flip on the cruise control and get your legs into a nice and comfortable position. Cruise control can also prevent you from getting an unnecessary ticket because oftentimes the easiest place to accidentally start speeding is when there are no cars around on a long straightaway. All of these amazing perks is why it can be so devastating when the cruise control function is no longer working. So what can cause the cruise control to no longer work?


MOBI Auto Mechanic will explain some possible reasons why your cruise control is no longer working below. However, if you want an expert to determine what’s wrong with your cruise control, it is essential to call in a trusted mechanic. MOBI Auto Mechanic combines incredible expertise and experience with top-notch customer service, conveniently servicing your vehicle without any hassle. To learn more or to get a MOBI Auto Mechanic to your vehicle today, give us a call at (858) 610-6646.

1. The Fuse is Blown

Since the cruise control is an electrically controlled system in your vehicle, it requires a fuse to power the system. If the system senses a short circuit, the fuse will blow and the cruise control will stop working altogether. If that is the case, you will need a mechanic to repair or replace the fuse.

2. Speed Sensor Stops Working

The speed sensor is an essential part of your vehicle, letting you know the speed you are traveling, regulating the ignition timing, and controlling the flow of fuel into your car. It also is important for cruise control functioning, since the system needs to know how fast the vehicle is going to keep it at that speed. If the speed sensor fails, the cruise control will no longer function properly and a mechanic will need to repair the speed sensor as soon as possible. Driving with a malfunctioning speed sensor is very dangerous, so make sure this issue is resolved immediately.

3. Brake Pedal Switch Issues

The brake pedal switch in your car is what turns your brake lights on whenever you apply pressure to your brake pedal. Your car will disengage from cruise control whenever you tap on the brakes, returning the car to manual control. Therefore, if the brake pedal switch is not functioning properly, cruise control may no longer work as it should. This switch keeps you safe and helps to prevent the possibility of an accident. You should immediately see a mechanic if you are having issues with your brake pedal switch.

4. Broken Vacuum Actuator

In older vehicles, cruise control may be controlled by the vacuum actuator. If your vacuum actuator is broken or damaged, your cruise control system may fail to work properly.

Convenient and Quick Cruise Control Service in San Diego

If your cruise control is no longer working, instead of trying to solve the mystery of what broke it yourself, call in the experts. MOBI Auto Mechanic is a convenient service that brings an expert mechanic to you. You no longer have to drive out to some strange location to look for a trustworthy mechanic, as we will service your vehicle as you lounge in your home. If you need your cruise control fixed or one of the many other automobile services we offer, contact MOBI Auto Mechanic today by calling (858) 610-6646.

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