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Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Your brakes are trying to tell you something. Brakes and brake pads do not have the most sophisticated means of communication, so it is important to listen closely for any sounds that may come from them. If you hear a thumping, squealing, scraping, or grinding, it is your brakes way of telling you to take them in for service as soon as possible. If you hear your brakes grinding, contact MOBI Automotive by calling (858) 610-6646 for fast diagnostic and repair. In the meantime, read on to learn why your brakes are grinding.

Why Should I Fix Grinding Brakes?

The sound of brakes grinding might as well be an alarm going off in your car, signaling that you need to drop everything and have your car inspected by a mechanic. The grinding signifies that your brake pads are worn down and metal is grinding upon metal. Not only does this make driving much more dangerous, but it also has a cumulative effect on your vehicle. Every time you hear your brakes grind, your brakes get more and more damaged and the repair gets more and more expensive. If you hear grinding brakes, avoid making excuses and get them fixed immediately.

What is the Cause of Brake Grinding?

Brake grinding is usually caused by one of two issues. While these are the most common causes of grinding brakes, there are numerous other issues that can cause brakes to make noise and grind. The best way to know exactly what is wrong with your brakes is to contact an expert mechanic to inspect your car.

1. Your Rotor Disc is Grinding on Part of the Caliper

In almost all cases, the grinding sound you are hearing is the result of contact between the rotor disc with some section of the caliper, meaning it is metal scraping metal. This grinding is occurring because of wear and tear to either your brake pads or the rotors of your car and will require extensive repair to fix. This kind of wear and tear is not normal unless you have a very old car or drive erratically.

2. An Object is Stuck in the Caliper

Another possible cause of grinding brakes is an object getting stuck in the caliper. This is an object that your car picked up on the road, such as a stone or piece of debris. A piece of debris will cause your brakes to make a grinding noise when the vehicle is in motion, rather than when you brake. If this is the case, sometimes the object can free itself by driving your car backward and then forwards repeatedly, but this does not always rectify the issue. Again, the best bet is to take your brakes in for service and repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Brake and Brake Pad Repairs with Mobi Automotive in San Diego

If you have faulty brakes or brake pads, it is important to get them fixed or replaced with only the highest quality equipment. The brakes are what keep you and your vehicle safe, so you should only trust respected mechanics who use premium products. At MOBI Automotive in San Diego, we have experienced and trained mechanics who are ready to do whatever it takes to get your car running like new at an affordable price. Best of all, our mechanics come to you, so you can get your car serviced whenever and wherever it is convenient, no tow truck needed! If you need to schedule a mobile auto repair, contact us today by calling (858) 610-6646.

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