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Spark Plug Replacement Service

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Spark Plug Replacement Service

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You don’t truly appreciate the value of a spark plug until they are gone. A spark plug is an essential part of any vehicle, and without a working spark plug it would be impossible to get your car moving. If you have an older or failing spark plug, it is absolutely imperative to take your car to an experienced mechanic to get your spark plug replaced. MOBI Automotive in San Diego does even better, as we bring the mechanic to you! We will travel to your location for on-the-spot spark plug repair anywhere in San Diego. For more information, contact us today by calling (858) 610-6646.

What is a Spark Plug?

A spark plug jumpstarts the gasoline and air that sits inside your car’s engine, giving the engine the boost it needs to get your car moving. A spark plug gets a jolt of electricity from the ignition, and at the perfect moment creates the small spark the engine needs to shift into gear.

Cost to Replace a Spark Plug and Wires

Circumstances can change the cost of replacing spark plugs and wires, but in general you can expect spark plug replacement service to cost anywhere from $40 to $150. For a more detailed quote, contact MOBI Automotive.

Mobile Spark Plug Change Service in San Diego at MOBI

If your spark plug needs to be changed, MOBI Automotive can help. We employ the best auto mechanics in all of San Diego, and they are ready to do whatever is necessary to get your car back up and running. No matter the issue, we can solve it. If your car is in need of service, simply contact MOBI Automotive and we will send one of our expert mechanics out to your car in no time. To learn more, give us a call at (858) 610-6646.

Schedule a time and place in San Diego that is most convenient to you! To learn more, contact us today by calling (858) 610-6646.

Call MOBI today to schedule a spark plug replacement service.

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