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I had a check engine light come on and I was a little anxious it was more than the oil because I have heard some new clanging concerning the old ride. With all the new computers they have on cars today I always feel like I am about to get ripped off whenever I take the car to the shop. The Mobi guy came out checked the oil reassured me nothing was wrong, and then set up an appointment for me at a shop that has an excellent reputation.
This service was super helpful as I only had that morning off and I am a little pressed for time lately. Overall I am not getting ripped off on my car repairs, and I saved at least 3 hours by not sitting around in repair shops or just looking for one that had time to look my car over.
I am going to use this first before I have to do any more car repairs big or small.

This was one of the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective, and overall best experiences I’ve had with car mechanics. A lot of times when going to mechanics, I’ll do a lot of research to diagnose the problem myself, but usually when I go into a mechanic, they don’t listen to me and are condescending, which ultimately leads to wrong diagnoses and more money spent. At MOBI I had a completely different experience. I told Taylor my problem (my 04 Acura TL was experiencing a strange hum), he came out within a day to diagnose the problem for free, and then within another day, MOBI picked up my car, fixed my wheel bearing, washed the car, and returned it to me.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience, and it’s nice to be able to have a mechanic I can feel confident going back to when something else comes up.

What an easy process this was to order the service, coordinate the repairs and get my car back on the road.. Our technician, Taylor was very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient in getting the job done…I will certainly use their concierge type of service many times in the future.  New way of getting your vehicles taken care of.

I rarely write reviews but I had to because the service was just unbelievable.  The gentleman who showed up was polite and knowledgeable.  I had several service engine lights going off and he provided a full diagnostic.  His recommendations were clear and even suggested simple and inexpensive solutions. Most worked and that saved me a bunch of $$.  I will definitely use them again.

Fantastic experience! Had a massive coolant leak that suggested I had a blown head gasket, Taylor was able to locate the actual source of the issue which was a hose that had been burned through. He could show me exactly where the problem was and what he was going to do to fix it and prevent it from happening again. Most open and honest auto shop I’ve dealt with…ever. Not to mention, I didn’t have to go anywhere and it took very little time out of my workday. I will definitely be using their services again.

Big fan of Mobi. Taylor met me at my house before work at 7:30 am. I have 2 cars so he just took my vehicle while I was at work for the day. Mobi performed the full annual service to include lubricating the doors, changing the wipers, filters, and fluids. It was very properly detailed as well. They properly detailed my car with a 2 bucket wash with grit guards as a free part of the service. A wash of this quality could be up to $100. Simply a fantastic service that really. My vehicle was returned to my home with the key in my lock box. What convenience! Next time I have a breakdown no doubt I am using Mobi!!! Great service, highly recommended.

Mobi is amazing and a revolutionary service. I’ve had so many repairs that needed done to my Toyota sequoia, that I kept putting off due to my busy work schedule. Mobi will come to your house or work and either fix the problem there or take it to be fixed and drop it back off to you.

Found out about MOBI online. Cool new company!  Had an issue with my Altima and they were able to troubleshoot it over the phone.  Scheduled my repair and did it all in the same day. Amazing, receptive customer service.

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Our dedicated service team is available to answer any questions you may have about the process, including your rights as a consumer. At the end of the day, we’re your advocate and we’re here to make the process of auto repair simpler for you.

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