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MOBI covers all the services you would expect from a typical mechanic shop, with the added convenience of mobile mechanics, pick-up, and delivery in San Diego.

Our most requested auto repair services:

Diagnose Check Engine Light

Diagnose Check Engine Light

or SRS Light/Other Codes
Check Engine Light Repair

Brake Pad Inspection & Repair

Brake Pad Inspection & Repair

Brake Pad Inspection & Repair

Standard Oil or Filter Change

Standard Oil or Filter Change

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Auto Repair Services that can be performed on site

We can perform any repair needed on your vehicle, these are just some of the repairs that we can perform at your location.

A/C Control Switch Replacement
Air Filter Replacement
Alternator Replacement
Auxiliary Battery Replacement
Backup Light Switch Replacement
Ballast Resistor Replacement
Battery Cable Replacement
Battery Replacement
Blower Motor Switch Replacement
Brake Light Bulb Replacement
Brake Light Switch Replacement
Brake Pads/New Rotors
Car Not Starting (Inspection)
Certain Scheduled Maintenances
Check Engine Light (Inspection)
Clutch Safety Switch Replacement
Combination Switch Assembly Replacement
Console Light Bulb Replacement
Courtesy Light Bulb Replacement
Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Replacement
Distributor Rotor and Cap Replacement
Dome Light Bulb Replacement
Door Latch Replacement
Door Lock Relay Replacement
Door Lock Switch Replacement
Electronic Ignition Pickup Replacement
Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR Valve Replacement
Exterior Door Handle Replacement
Fog Light Relay Replacement
Fog/Driving Light Bulb Replacement
Fuel Injector Replacement
Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement
Fuel Pump Replacement
Hazard/Turn Signal Flasher Replacement
Headlight Bulb Replacement
Headlight Closure Relay Replacement
Headlight Switch Replacement
Hood Lift Support Shocks Replacement
Ignition Cable (Spark Plug Wires) Replacement
Ignition Coil Replacement
Ignition Ignitor Replacement
Ignition Relay Replacement
Ignition Switch Replacement
Interior Door Handle Replacement
License Plate Light Replacement
Lubricate Doors
Lubricate Hood Hinge
Lubricate Trunk
Neutral Safety Switch Replacement
Oil Change/Filter
Reset Indicator Lights
Reverse Light Bulb Replacement
Service Battery/cables
Spark Plugs Replacement
Starter Replacement
Tail Lamp Bulb Replacement
Tail Light Lens Replacement
Timing Belt Replacement
Trunk Latch Adjustment
Trunk Latch Release Cable Replacement
Trunk Latch Replacement
Trunk Lift Support Shocks Replacement
Trunk Light Bulb Replacement
Trunk Lock Actuator Replacement
Turn Signal Bulb Replacement
Turn Signal Switch Replacement
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection
Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement

MOBI also offers free expert advice in the confusing world of auto repair:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you’re considering buying a new or used car, don’t leave things up to chance. With MOBI, you can book an inspection with one of our experts.

You simply let us know which car it is, where you’re considering buying it from, and we’ll send out an inspector to take a look at it. After our initial inspection, we’ll get back to you with a full report so that you can make your decision with all the details you need. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re buying a lemon again.

Repair Advice

If your car won’t start, you can book an appointment for one of our experts to come out and run a diagnostic.

From there, we’ll help you decide on the best course of action so you can make an educated decision about your vehicle repair without the confusion of having to comparison shop.

Thanks to our expert mobile mechanics and strong partnerships with local repair shops, you can rest assured knowing MOBI has your back in terms of advising and getting you the best price.

Make Your Appointment

You’ll never have to go without a ride

If we aren’t able to fix your car onsite, we’ll take care of the hassle of getting your car to one of our trusted auto repair shops. From there, you’ll be able to track the status of your repairs through our MOBI app. In the meantime, we’ll deliver a rental car straight to your door, so you never have to go without a ride.

Once the repairs are finished, we’ll deliver your vehicle to your home or workplace and pick up the rental.


Many auto-repair shops and services claim to have customer satisfaction atop their goals, but at MOBI we put those goals into action. That is why, in addition to our service representatives and auto technicians, we also have a dedicated concierge team. If the need for detailed repairs has been diagnosed by one of our technicians, our concierge service will pick up your vehicle and drive it to one of the vetted repair centers in our network and deliver your vehicle back to you when the work has been completed. It’s that easy!

If your repair doesn’t fall under any of these categories, simply let us know exactly what it is you need and we’ll be able to accommodate.

Helpful Information and Questions

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Why Doesn’t My Cruise Control Work?

Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

If you aren’t sure, we’ll send out one of our expert mechanics to inspect your car and give you a full breakdown.

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