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 Hub and Bearings Replacement Services

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Cars are very intricate machines, and just one malfunctioning part can cause drastic issues for the entire vehicle. Most car owners may not know what the hub and bearings do, but if these crucial parts need to be replaced you need to act fast. MOBI Automotive specializes in mobile hub and bearings replacement services, traveling to your San Diego location to perform car repair services. To learn more or to request a quote on hub and bearings replacement services, contact MOBI Automotive today by calling (858) 610-6646.

What are the Car Hub and Bearings?

The car hub and bearings work to support the front and back axles of your car, holding the weight of your vehicle and making sure the wheels function properly.

When Do My Hub and Bearings Need to Be Replaced?

In general, the hub and bearings should last somewhere between 75,000 and 150,000 miles. However, it is impossible to predict when you will need a hub and bearing replacement. Some signs that the hub and bearings need to be replaced are a grinding noise coming from a wheel, a moving wheel hub, a vibrating steering wheel, or the inability to turn smoothly. If you experience any of these issues, contact MOBI Automotive for hub and bearings replacement services.  

How Much Do Hub and Bearing Replacement Cost?

The hub and bearing replacement cost can vary based on the vehicle and the parts needed. However, in general you can expect a hub and bearing replacement to cost anywhere from $75 to $400. To get a more precise estimate, give us a call at (858) 610-6646.

Mobile Hub and Bearings Replacement Services in San Diego

MOBI Automotive offers mobile hub and bearings replacement services in San Diego. If you have damaged hub and bearings, contact us today by calling (858) 610-6646.

Call MOBI today to schedule a hub and bearings replacement service.