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 Head Gasket Replacement

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One of the main maintenance goals when owning a car is making sure the engine is always running smoothly. A faulty head gasket can lead to serious engine issues down the road, so it is important to replace a broken head gasket as soon as possible. At MOBI Automotive, we specialize in head gasket replacement, providing high-quality service at an affordable price. Not only that, we come to your location in San Diego, offering mobile head gasket replacement. To learn more or to get a head gasket repair estimate, call (858) 610-6646.

What is a Head Gasket?

The head gasket is an essential part of any car, as it prevents oil, coolant, and other gases from escaping the engine. This prevents the engine from overheating and other serious issues.

When Do I Need to Replace My Head Gasket?

When the head gasket first starts to have problems, there will be little noticeable symptoms. However, over time a leak caused by a faulty head gasket can cause the engine to overheat and the gradual appearance of coolant in the engine oil pan. You may also hear a strange gurgling sound and smell combustion.

Head Gasket Repair Estimate

Since head gasket replacement can be very complicated, it can be a bit costly. Each and every head gasket repair will be different, but in general a head gasket repair estimate is going to be somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. To get a more accurate head gasket repair estimate, contact MOBI Automotive.

Head Gasket Replacement in San Diego with MOBI Automotive

MOBI Automotive offers mobile head gasket replacement, traveling to your location anywhere throughout San Diego. If you have a broken head gasket that needs replacement, contact MOBI Automotive today by calling (858) 610-6646.

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