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A Premium, Affordable Mobile Mechanic Service in San Diego with State of the Art 26,000 sq. foot Repair Facility.

MOBI offers a full scale MOBILE auto service with impassioned employees.  We Offer REAL-LIFE estimates with a dedicated LIVE staff to field and trouble shoot all queries.

Full Car Service

MOBI is a full service mechanic shop. We cover everything from oil changes to full inspections for every make and model. We’ll fix it right then and there if it’s convenient. If your car needs more, we’ll take it to our shop. We’ll handle the towing and rental car.

Trusted Mechanics

Car problems can be frustrating, so can mechanics and repair shops. We eliminate the stress of finding a trustworthy, affordable mechanic and guarantee our work until you’re 100% satisfied.


MOBI Automotive sends our top mechanics straight to you, so you can avoid the frustrations of having to drop off your car. Make an appointment through our website or mobile app, or just give us a call.

There is no auto repair job too large or small that MOBI can’t fix

All American Paint and Body was founded in 1987 by Henry and Tina Bellini and has remained a family owned and operated business ever since.

Throughout the last three decades, the business has grown into one of San Diego’s largest and most prestigious single store locations, specializing in both foreign and domestic car repairs.  The company’s core values have remained intact since the beginning, with a culture of quality being the most prevalent of all.

Enrique Bellini is proud to announce the launch of MOBI, San Diego’s premier on-demand mobile mechanics.

By leveraging the scale of All American Paint and Body, MOBI is able to provide customers a comprehensive car repair service experience.

MOBI does not offer only simple or small mobile car repair services, but it is a platform for all automotive service and repair. For more involved or specialized jobs, MOBI has the ASE certified mechanics and equipment to do the job right in house or the network of specialists to have your car repaired.  You can trust us with your car, whatever it is, to get it done in the most convenient manner.  No more shopping around!

MOBI is more than just a mobile car repair service…We offer our customers a viable, fully comprehensive auto service experience at your home or office by combining the expertise of a brick and mortar facility with the convenience of mobile, on-demand services.

Because of these synergies, there is no auto repair job too large or small that MOBI can’t fix.  For us, service and quality of repair are key, and we firmly believe that marrying these two concepts will transform the way the consumer perceives automotive repair in general.

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